In Canada, to help Centrum build trust in and credibility for its multivitamins, we created a surround sound of content to elevate the category. Deconstructing the audience by life stages, we mapped our roster of nine influencers back to each stage. They created compelling content that showcased how they incorporate multivitamins into their daily lives. With help from Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe to Olympic Medalist Natalie Lambert, we exceeded our campaign KPIs. 70 percent of earned coverage organically mentioned Centrum, even though it was an unbranded campaign.
Our client, a major oil and gas exploration and production company operating in the Wattenberg Field of Northern Colorado, found itself seriously vulnerable because of a regulatory rule quietly making its way through the regulatory process in a form that would have destroyed billions of dollars of value to the oil and gas industry statewide. As the client had H+K on retainer for regulatory, public and government affairs, H+K was brought in to determine the implications of the Task Force’s recommendations and assist in working to get wording that would delay or inhibit operations, or that would significantly impact long-term viability of the business, carved out. After the recommendations were released, H+K filed the necessary paperwork to ensure the client had a voice in the proceedings, and then provided the client with an analysis of the various recommendations and the ways in which they overstepped the guidelines under which the Task Force was operating. In the end, language that would impose a time limit on the duration of drilling, completion and stimulation operations found within the recommendations were carved out, allowing the client to continue operations without being mandated to stop operations for extended periods of time, causing inefficiencies, labor shortages, delays and massive damage to their balance sheet. It was estimated that removing this section of the recommendation saved the client, as well as other operators in the region, billions of dollars in asset value.
The Texas Oil & Gas Association (TXOGA) celebrated the Texas Energy Day with an experiential event for members to interact with lawmakers. Our team developed the logo and event website along with Texas Energy Day graphics, GIFs and video content. Over 450 supporters and TXOGA member company employees were greeted with a breakfast buffet and a briefing with Todd Samples, the TXOGA President. After the presentation, all attendees were escorted to the Texas State Capitol to visit the State Senate and Representative offices. Weaving between the discussions and visits were demonstrations from Chevron’s virtual rig tour, Rosen Energy Transfer and Shell’s #22 NASCAR. To wrap up the day, Rep. Larry Gonzales, Director of the Texas Water Development Board Kathleen Jackson, Rep. Drew Darby, Railroad Commission Chairman Christi Craddick, Sen. Kelly Hancock and Attorney General Ken Paxton led a discussion on the importance of oil in Texas. H+K supported on-the-ground with TXOGA Action Center Deployment, Thunderclap implementation, social media posts and engagement, a Google keyword campaign, email campaigns and video and photography services. The #TXEnergyDay hashtag was trending as #3 on Twitter in Austin. Click here to see highlights of the event.
The “iTutorials: Together We Learn More” campaign is an initiative of Inclusion Down 502, an NGO founded by parents who have children with Down Syndrome and people aware of the consequences of the great obstacles that Guatemalan society imposes on people with disabilities. This association fights for a social transformation that opens spaces to people with Down Syndrome, educating and demystifying. It works through various axes of action, such as facilitating workshops for educators, professionals and families and advising the entities that seek inclusion with the vision of achieving a culture of peace, tolerance and respect. In Guatemala, inclusion is a pending issue, mainly in terms of disability. People with Down Syndrome are usually denied necessary spaces in the different areas of society, so iTutorials seeks to create awareness in the population about the need to include people with Down Syndrome in different areas and especially in the school environment, since this is the basis for facilitating labor and social inclusion. It also seeks to remember that education is a universal right. iTutorials also calls on Guatemalans to speak out publicly and support Law 5125, which is currently being discussed in the Congress of the Republic, which recognizes the right of persons with disabilities to have equal opportunities, decreasing Physical, social, educational, cultural and political barriers to inclusion in society.
Nestlé, the leading company in nutrition, health and wellness, presented the new Nesquik campaign, “The Underwater World” which both wants to stimulated children and helps mothers by contributing to the mental development of their kids, providing a cereal with important nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Nesquik’s packaging has been transformed to contribute to the mental development of children with three adjustable figures, inspiring them with ideas that fuel their creativity and fine motor skills. In addition, Nestlé promotes that Nesquik is much more than a chocolate-flavored cereal because it is made with all the benefits of whole grains and is fortified with seven vitamins and three minerals: Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Vitamin D, Folic Acid, Calcium Carbonate, Iron and Zinc, all necessary for the good physical and mental development of children. H+K supported the launch with a press conference and news release with media, generating 61 impacts and $48,507.30 in additional value in less than two weeks.
adidas’ Creators House was the flagship influencer marketing activation for adidas to celebrate the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. It was designed to deliver against three objectives: to be the most watched brand at Rio 2016; to communicate the brand’s platform #speedtakes; and to take Rio to the world. By integrating with @adidaswomen, adidas was able to attract more women into sport by engaging female audiences. ​H+K’s strategy was to invite 15 of the world’s most well-known and liked young female influencers for three separate waves of content creation. We built a unique adidas experience for each of them to live across all their key platforms. The full Rio ‘experience’ package included: meet-and-greets with adidas legends and athletes – like Steffi Graf, Haile Gabrsellassie; Rio experiences such as hikes on Sugarloaf Mountain and at Christ the Redeemer; and tickets to the events themselves – one ‘wow’, one traditional and one slightly more unusual. ​adidas also took the opportunity to launch key hero products exclusively through the influencers during Games time including adidas’ new 3D printed trainer, and grow its following through influencer takeovers.​ adidas became famous for using influencers to highjack the Olympics, and outperformed over half of the official sponsors in terms of mentions. A Fortune article stated Nike was ‘losing the Olympics’: adidas’ stock climbed nearly 6%, while Nike’s rose just 1%. adidas’ Speed Takes campaign was so successful that more than one-third of participants in a Tolunda global survey misidentified the brand as an official sponsor of the 2016 Games. ​
In May 2016, H+K helped Oreo launch two new flavors into the market. We targeted the hard-to-reach millennial audience and created stand-out content that generated buzz around the new flavors. Before the product even hit supermarket shelves, we targeted a core group of celebrity and media super fans with a unique delivery. To grab influencer attention and get them sharing our content, we created their portraits in the crème of the iconic cookie and hand delivered the custom package with the new Oreo flavors. The delivery was so exclusive that the product wasn’t even in its final packaging. The reaction was incredible, and the cookies were even featured on Zoella and Alfie Deyes’ weekly vlogs, garnering millions of views. A wider media relations campaign supported the influencer activity to drive column inches around the launch. The result was 40 pieces of coverage, over 300 million people reached, and an ROI of 18:1.
H+K Portugal was challenged to communicate “Eusebio- Historia de uma Lenda” (Eusebio, the story of a legend), a film documentary on the life of Portugal’s greatest sportsman and worldwide football icon. Their work included Media Relations promoting the documentary on daytime TV and radio interviews with both the director and Eusebio’s family. Prior to the premiere, H+K organized a press junket with sports, lifestyle and mainstream media. H+K also contacted key political leaders to assure their presence at the premiere with more than 1000 people at Centro Cultural de Belém. The press junket was a huge success, as well as the premiere. For both events, we were able to get live coverage from all daily sports media, TV sports’ channels and mainstream media, as well as TV lifestyle programs. The movie was featured in over 250 news in both radio, press, TV and blogs.
To celebrate the launch of the new 2017 LG TV and AV range in Sydney, H+K transformed a luxury coastal house into a cinema showroom to highlight how LG is ‘Bringing Cinema into the Home’ with its new product range. Various events took place over three days to cater to different media audiences, welcoming more than 50 guests across technology, home décor, lifestyle media and social media influencers. H+K and LG collaborated with Australian icon, Kate Waterhouse to curate a guest list of influential Australian personalities alongside high-profile media who were invited to attend an immersive dining experience. Each meal tied back to the concept of ‘immersive cinema viewing’ inspired by the 2017 LG TV and AV range – heightening all our senses in every bite. The first two days focused on top-tier Australian technology media who were given the opportunity to hear from a range of industry experts including Patrick Griffis, Technology Vice President, Office of the CTO, Dolby Laboratories looking at the integration of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technologies in the 2017 LG product range. Also present was special guest, Joonduk Jang, Principal Research Engineer, LG Home Entertainment Research and Development in Korea who spoke to the development and improvements of LG OLED technology. Media were given a tour of the house to learn about interesting topics on each new product in intimate group settings. As of the 1st of April 2017, H+K Sydney secured 179 pieces of coverage – including four broadcast segments – reaching just under 6 million readers across different markets.  The launch has also reached more than 800,000 people via social media. Click here to view the experiential video.
BERTOLLI®, Thailand’s number one Olive oil brand, in 2017 is set to revolutionize the perception of olive oil use in Thai cuisine. Inspired by Thailand’s strong gastronomic history and global appeal as a culinary frontrunner, BERTOLLI®, will focus efforts on breaking down barriers and educating Thai consumers of the benefits of using olive oil in Thai cuisine. The Marketing Communications Influencer campaign, launched by H+K Thailand during March is off to a positive start and achieving high levels of consumer engagement. Our strategy was a two-pronged social experience. We had street food vendors fry different foods where they would then give to consumers in a blind taste test. Olive oil was the winner. We also developed a “How to” to demonstrate how to pair your olive oil with Thai cooking. The results worked. Celebrity influencers organically pushed out VDOs with 400k views. 9.34 million impressions were collected from our live cooking recipes, heath posts, the launched local Facebook page and social sampling.