In retrospect of crisis communications this year, it has become clear that during a crisis, speed matters. Now, more than ever.

Looking at crisis communications examples that will define 2017, timing is rising to the surface in an unprecedented way. Videos and images are now the predominant form of data that moves across the Internet, making the pressure for speed more acute. The saying, “everyone is a publisher” is more accurate than ever. With the power to publish comes the ability to elevate emotionally provocative imagery that can shape public opinion and even destroy a brand. Given this cultural phenomenon, we advise clients that being prepared to respond and engage immediately – often through social media – is mission critical. This means having a plan in place that allows clients to inform their stakeholders within minutes, while keeping the narrative factual and avoiding the proliferation of “fake news.”

Today, an ever evolving array of social media tools enable new crisis response tactics. Facebook live streams, 280 characters on Twitter, and Facebook chat bots can be leveraged by executives and communication teams to reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right message.

In an upcoming presentation hosted by PRWeek, I’ll talk more about the need for speed and some exciting things we’re doing at H+K to equip our clients with every advantage possible when it comes to preventing and navigating crises. Join us for a conversation about the tools, data and resources needed to effectively manage communication in this warp-speed environment.

If you’re interested in the topic, I invite you to learn more and join us for what promises to be a great webinar.

Kevin Elliott
An experienced public affairs professional, Kevin directs strategy, planning and management of communication programs for clients facing business challenges impacted by risk and crisis situations. Kevin also lectures extensively on crisis communication, reputation and issues management. 
For more information about the H+K risk and crisis communications practice, you can reach Kevin at [email protected]