Even though H+K’s Global Virtual Mentoring Program is a six-month program, we’ve found that many pairs continue connecting for months – even years – after their sessions. One example of this lasting mentoring connection is Aurelie Marchand, Account Supervisor, Paris, and Jenn Capps, Senior Account Supervisor, Washington, D.C., who have continued connecting four years later.

This mentoring program was only supposed to pair us for six months, but four years after we started, we are still mentor/mentee. This type of program is exactly why I joined a company like H+K. I was eager to learn and work with people coming from different cultures and backgrounds. Jenn was the one who mentioned the Dave Robinson International Scholarship as I explained my desire to have an international experience. I chose to be assigned in Washington D.C. and throughout my stay, she was always there to support me, help me find my way around and connect me with the right people. From this great experience, I wanted to pass it along and be a mentor myself with Daniel from Brussels.

– Aurelie, Mentee

If you’re becoming a mentor for the first time, it is a great way to challenge yourself to grow as a manager, a coworker, and a person. [At first], I hadn’t had the self-confidence to actually sign up as a formal mentor in this global program. But as we got to know each other, I got to know myself. I learned how to trust my instincts, to be honest and uncritical in moments where I might otherwise have bit my tongue or passed judgment. I learned how to help someone advise herself, to validate or challenge her plans and to encourage her to go for what she already knew she wanted. I feel lucky to have been paired with Aurelie – a funny, driven, and curious woman with energy to pursue the possibilities the future held for her.

– Jenn, Mentor

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