From running client events to attending awards ceremonies, our teams had a busy week at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this year. Check out their work below:

Award Submissions

KPN: Evert_45
Evert_45: a boy who tells his story through social media, from the year 1945 A boy sharing his first-hand account of WWII with kids today, using the tools they live and breathe. What better way to let young people experience the reality of war and the value of freedom?

Shell: The Coffee Line
By 2050, the planet’s energy demand will double. It takes creativity and ingenuity to find ways to make more of what we need. To help power London’s iconic buses, we supported Shell and bio-bean in creating 30,000 litres of biodiesel made partly from coffee oil, using waste grinds collected from London’s coffee shops. But how do you make a London-centric story travel internationally?

Arla Foods: Brand Launch in MENA
From the green pastures of Denmark, Arla and their dairy farmers were faced with the challenge of launching organic milk in the UAE’s arid climate. But how do you launch an organic dairy product in a country known more for its skyscrapers and, desert landscapes?



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