H+K Advice

Mariam Bahgat

Office: Doha/Qatar
Alma Mater: Cairo University – Mass Communication faculty
What advice would you give to someone graduating today?
Always aim to develop your skills, learn new areas in your field or even apart from your career, know a thing about everything in all fields of knowledge, never stop dreaming, never stop at one point of giving at work, always seek development and training. – At early years of career life, you can spend more hours at work in order to learn and grow, but later you will definitely need a work/life balance in your daily life, make sure to have this balance in your life. Read as many books as you can.

Fernando E. Bolanos
Office: Guatemala
Alma Maters: Universidad Autonoma de Centroamerica (Bachelor’s); Universidad Francisco Marroquin (MBA)
What graduation advice do you WISH you had received?
“Don’t think you are finishing anything today, you actually just receive your license and are authorized to drive with real traffic, so to start find a clear path of road and go wherever you want, there is no wrong direction, just go forward”.

Natasha Henderson
Office: London
Alma Mater: University of Technology, Sydney
What graduation advice do you WISH you had received?
Don’t cling to tight to what you thought might happen. Doors of opportunity open at every step of the way and sometimes in the forms you least expect. Be open-minded and view everything in a positive light. Without sounding too cheesy, “the world is your oyster” haha

Na’ima Jenkins
Office: Washington, DC
Alma Mater: Howard University
What advice would you give to someone graduating today?
our journey has just become, stay focused on this path and remember that life is a marathon, not a sprint. And always remember that your greatest asset is your network. Stay persistent and consistent – and know that the best is yet to come!

Alve Kahl Lindholm

Office: Sweden
Alma Mater: Stockholm University – Berghs School of Communications
What advice would you give to someone graduating today?
The best graduation advice I received when I left school was to stop worrying about what to do next and what the future will hold. Instead make the most of the present time and take advantage of being the youngest you will ever be ever again. You don’t have to always plan years of your future in advance and think that everyone else have it all figured out. Because they don’t. They are feeling the same way you do. Time is on your side so be curious about the world and always strive for what you feel is the right thing for you, at this particular time. And don’t fear rejection or that you are not good or qualified enough. Life is full of rejections. So, if you don’t get “that dream job” or get accepted into that group you always wanted to be a part of, take a breath and continue to strive forward. It only means it isn’t the right time for you, now. But maybe in the future. It will all play out just nicely.

Jason Stanford


Office: Austin, TX
Alma Mater: Lewis & Clark College
What advice would you give to someone graduating today?
Work the problem. Don’t make problems worse by reacting to them. Just work the problem.