We strive to create more connections between employees across the global network, and H+K’s Global Virtual Mentoring Program provides a professional development opportunity for both mentees and mentors. Matthew Whitbread, Account Manager, London, and Ron Hutcheson, Senior Strategist, Washington, D.C., share their experiences with the program.

I had expected our calls to focus on problem solving, but Matt did not need much guidance or advice. Instead, our calls became opportunities to share experiences and to learn from each other. Matt and I work in two very different environments and deal with very different issues. I enjoyed hearing about Matt’s work, the operations of the London office and his ideas on how to encourage innovation in our agency. I learned from him.

– Ron, Mentor

For a global company, the H+K mentoring programme is a great route to getting to know people around the business, share ideas and advice, and discover new ways to work. I first became interested in the mentorship programme as an opportunity to get to know more about our global business, and Ron was the perfect person. Sharing experience and learnings, in both directions, really helps you understand the different cultures around the company and how we best serve our clients. I really see this as a two-way opportunity to not only impart advice on your mentee, but to also engage and learn more about the business from a different perspective.

– Matthew, Mentee