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Donald Trump’s unexpected win in the U.S. election last week was met with mixed reactions in China and brings to the fore a number of critical strategic and economic questions when assessing the future of Sino-U.S. ties. It has also most likely stunned and perturbed China’s leadership, who attach great importance to stability both at home and abroad.

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What Donald Trump Knows That Your Company Doesn’t 
There are many conclusions now being drawn from the election results, but the key lesson that corporate entities and advocacy organizations should learn from the last 18 months is: The single most important moment of your campaign is the moment you define your core audience and the message required to move it. Understanding it and how best to talk to it is the difference between victory and defeat. The Trump campaign knew with whom it had to talk. The rest did not matter.

Make Facts Great Again 
Those most vocally lamenting the post-fact society are to a large degree the ones who created it. “I think people in this country have had enough of experts”. At the time Michael Gove uttered these infamous words many, myself included, felt it signaled a final farewell to fact-based public discourse. Yet after the recent election of Mr. Trump, I find myself coming around to the sentiment. I don’t condone the implicit anti-knowledge message, but it has truly been an annus horiblius for those in the pundit-expert-prediction-business.

Trump Election Energy

Energy policy was largely missing in action during the contentious battle that was the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. Yet, no economic sector – with the possible exception of healthcare – is likely to undergo greater policy disruption in a Trump Administration than energy. And the tectonic shifts in the U.S. policy landscape are already beginning to reverberate around the globe.

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Been There, Done That
The post mortem on the Clinton campaign has barely started and will likely go on for months, if not years. However, with one of the biggest upsets in US election history there is plenty of blame to go around and there will be as many explanations offered as there are failed pundits. But seen from a European perspective it all seems oddly familiar. Brexit felt as a shock to the system, the Trump win just seems to neatly fit into a pattern.

UK Public Affairs View On Trump
UK Public Affairs View On Trump’s Election Success
As the world wakes up this morning reeling from the results of the US election, thoughts are immediately turning to what a Trump presidency will mean for the US, Britain and the world.

The Election

Not one political or media pundit predicted this outcome. Donald Trump: Congratulations. Donald Trump rode a wave of anti-establishment anger to win what is perhaps the ugliest and most exhausting presidential election in history. This is our 90-second initial read on what the election of Donald Trump means for America and beyond.