World Pancreatic Cancer Day: Demand Better

Global education effort built on behavioral science empowers the pancreatic cancer community to Demand Better for patients and survival

Pancreatic cancer is one of the world’s deadliest diseases with the lowest survival rate among all major cancers. Early detection is critical to survival, yet all too often, people don’t know the signs and symptoms to look for. The World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition, a group of more than 80 pancreatic cancer organizations in more than 30 countries, engaged H+K in helping change the course of this terrible disease.

Demand Better has become a global rallying cry for the pancreatic cancer community, and with the support of H+K teams in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and South Africa, Coalition members and supporters turned the world purple on World Pancreatic Cancer Day. By blending personal stories with engaging content – underpinned by behavioral science research – we educated audiences about the risks and symptoms of this deadly disease to allow for earlier detection and, ultimately, save lives. Through this award-winning campaign, together we are driving transformational change and empowering the pancreatic cancer community to Demand Better for patients and for survival.

  • 2M total views of World Pancreatic Cancer Day videos across platforms

  • 238% increase over prior year in engagements with World Pancreatic Cancer Day content across all platforms

  • 400% increase over prior year for people searching for the term “Pancreatic Cancer Month”

Sector: Health + Wellness
Specialist expertise: Behavioral Science, The Studio
Office: Los Angeles