Deloitte: A dozen years, a dozen business units

Long-term partnership building eminence for Deloitte platforms and leaders

As one of the leading international audit, tax and consulting firms in the world, Deloitte has historically been recognized for its accounting work, but not as well known for its consulting and advisory expertise in many sectors. Deloitte relies on H+K to help promote its leaders and offerings across key business areas and select industry groups on specific issues to help elevate and differentiate them in the marketplace.

Entering the 13th year of our partnership with Deloitte, we provide communications support for more than a dozen business areas ranging from financial services and tax to audit and energy and everything in between. The majority of our work is in the U.S. and is grounded in media relations, however we also provide ongoing issues management and crisis support, develop and execute eminence campaigns for the firm’s top leaders, and do market-specific work in select cities that are priorities for Deloitte’s existing client work or growing new business. We have also media trained more than 80 of Deloitte’s executives across the country.

Using our team’s extensive industry knowledge and proprietary research and analysis capabilities, we have zeroed in on compelling integrated campaigns, key platform topics, and a number of innovative tactical ideas for building eminence through social, traditional and content-development vehicles. Our team has successfully leveraged reporter relationships to break through to key trade, business and mainstream media to increase coverage of Deloitte’s executives, their thought leadership pieces and their platforms.

Our work with Deloitte over the past 13 years has helped the firm:

  • Increase media coverage for Deloitte’s industries by more than 45%
  • Secure numerous high-profile authored article placements
  • Increase leader visibility by securing prominent speaking opportunities at top business and industry events
  • Develop new market programs and offerings, launch and promote them
Sector: Financial + Professional Services
Specialist expertise: Issues + Crisis
Office: Chicago, New York City, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, Miami, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco